Welcome back to mission

2024 Deadlines

 March – 8th of May: We will need:

  • Your main quantity: +/- 5 %.
  • Do you wantUnisex or Lady/Men size?
  • Your logo and artwork. The fileformat to be: ai or svg.
  • The tee color and print color in Pantone.

We will send you artwork and approvals in May.

April – beginning of May: 
Set date on when to send out invitation to the employees.

Set date for when to send reminder on when and where they should send their tees for renewel.

Find inspiration for text in Conscious Warrior-Communication kit.

27th of May – 31st of May: Receive Conscious Warrior ReNewel package.

27th of May – 31st of May:  Send out reminder about the collecting period and place. Could be on Intra or as physical posters.

3rd – 21st juni: Collection period. We will have tees picked up in week 26 unless otherwise has been agreed.

Latest 7th of June: Size breakdown with the final total quantity.

August: ReNewed and new production will be delivered about one week before the running event.

October: Climate Impact report 2024 will be sent by mail and published on Conscious Warrior platform.



1.Do you want same style as last year? 
ex. shortsleeve plain, short sleeve with pocket or long sleeve with pocket.
2. Should the prints be the same as 2023 or something new?3. Should the prints be permanente and/or washable?
4. Do you want 2024 year printed on the tees or something else?
5. Should the sign up to get your Tee ReNewed or get a new one happen on your intranet or on CW-platform?


6. When will the collection happen?
7. Where will the collection happen (how many places and addresses?)

8. Where and when will you be running at DHL-stafetten?

9. When should we deliver your tees?

10. Mission Run for Zero is dynamic and as you are part of the change, your feed-back is important. Do let us know face-to-face or by mail.

TOOLS – to make the change

Fashion facts

In this box, you will find links to various facts about the clothing industry, climate change etc. This is a dynamic database, where you will be able to continuously obtain new information.

HOW You can use facts in the invitation, in the reminders or when you have to communicate about the choice of CW running shirts and mission Run for Zero.

WHO It can be for employees, your CSR department, anywhere internally and externally.


Know my journey – Know your impact

As something new in 2024, we will launch the CW platform. The site is company-specific.  The platform has three purposes:

  1. On the platform the employees can make their teams, order shirts, if you want. You, our contact, can download data about employee sign up.
  2. The employees can read about your climate footprint on mission Run for Zero, the shirt’s history.
  3. The employees can read the story from when the jerseys were made and while they are being used by you – year after year. In this way, we hope to be able to create a stronger connection to the Run for Zero mission with People for Planet.

The 2024 wraps and running tees will be” born” with a QR code to access your unique page directly.

Contact Linh to get the link to your unique company page.

Note: for companies below 50 shirts, you will get access to CW-together platform.

Communication kit

In the communication kit, you will find suggestions for what you can communicate in the invitation, reminders etc.

Use the phrases that suit you and adjust to fit with your tone of voice and the wording for your company and event.


CW-logos, illustrations etc.

Use Conscious Warrior logos for the internal communication , to design your running tee, find the size guide and illustrations to collect, size guide etc.

It is our goal that mission Run for Zero is something that will create change in the textile and fashion industry. Both as a company and as a consumer, feel free to use slogans, logos and illustrations, when it suits your communication. Do reach out if you are missing anything!

Size guide

Whether you choose unisex or lady/men, we have a size guide for the employees to ensure the right match.

Our running tees in 2024 will be slightly slimmer than 2023, so do check the size guide.

CW Climate Impact Report 2023

We aim to make it visible that mission Run for Zero is dynamic. That is why we make a combined annual report on what we have done in the past year and what we aim to do. Thanks to you, we hope to create more awareness that our actions are impact.

Design your tee

Download design-guide to develop your running tee. In the guide, you will find all style templates for Conscious Warrior tees. Add artwork, colour or placement.

We are here to help
If you need help to set up the design of your tee,  we are here to give you different design options. All you need to do is to inform per mail about your wishes and demands for artwork, colour and placement. Contact Linh for more info.